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Cope well with external system failures and protect the permanence of your services.

System failures happen suddenly. And it takes a lot of time to find out when and where they occur and how much they affect the system. This service helps to automatically notify people of failures, help them deal with them, and reduce the amount of time spent on investigation.


Automatic detection of system failure

By automatically detecting failures of your own services or cloud services being used in your application, and by understanding the scope of the impact of the failure, you can quickly start investigating and responding.
By using the SDK, it is also possible to isolate the affected area and keep the service running even if a failure occurs.

Supported Cloud Services

AWS, GCP, Azure

Supported API

Google Maps API etc.(To be added as necessary)

We can also support internal services that are developed in-house.

Functions under development and to be provided in the future

Automate fault notification
(under development)

The system can isolate whether the problem is caused by an external cloud service or a fault within the service, and automatically send any message to engineers, customer support staff, and even applications in the customer's hands, greatly reducing the burden on support.

Automatic checking for library updates
(to be provided in the future)

Automatically catches up with updates to the libraries used in your applications. This reduces the cost of dealing with failures and security risks caused by missing updates.

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Other Product

Envcheck (under development)

This service allows users within the same organization, such as teleworking employees, to check the communication status of the other party.

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